What Made You Decide To Get Fixed Interest Mortgage Rate

Fixed rate mortgages have slightly higher interest rates than comparable ARMs because they offer more security against severe market fluctuations. This helpful overview explains how lenders determine mortgage rates.

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Other options to sweeten the deal. When you are sure you've reached the lowest interest rate possible, there's still room for savings – sometimes significant savings. The mortgage closing process is similar to the home closing process. Like the home closing process, your mortgage closing will involve numerous fees which some lenders use to intentionally pad the bottom line – and their fee or commission. Even fees like copying or faxing documents or using an overnight courier when standard mail would suffice can be included in your mortgage, and many of these fees are negotiable and can be cut out entirely. Before your closing, ask to see a copy of the closing documents (it's your legal right) and make a list of all the fees. Call your lender and go through them one by one to see what can be cut out. This is NOT the time to be shy: your lender can "taste" the deal, and this is the time when they are most likely to cut out unnecessary fees.

Noteworthy is by considering your budget and ask yourself whether you are able to really afford to risk attending a variable rate (i.e., if interest rates go up, you can pay the mortgage, or will you fight).